The Present, Unwrapped = Now

February 22, 2009


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What’s special about today? Whatever you decide, I suppose. The only meaning anything in life has is what meaning you choose to give it, right?

(Like Shakespeare said: “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”)

It’s George Washington’s birthday today. Hey, that’s significant. If he were alive today, would he go to an Academy Awards party tonight? That’s what I’m doing. Roll out the red carpet for George Washington!

All I want to post right now are links to random things.

I got a kick out of this news item, just because of the notion of a cat being so famous, it makes international news when he dies:

Here’s a great video about how increasingly rapid advancement of technology, along with population growth, are changing our world and life as we know it dramatically:

Here’s a story about a guy who made a 400-foot jump off a bridge with a bungee cord, and it broke! He lived to tell the tale:

This video shows Indian police in a laughter-training event, or something like that. It’s pretty funny. I know laughing parties have been big in India. I once went to one in Austin hosted by some people from India:

Wow, this is cool, a simulated ride on flight 1549 as it took off, then got disabled by the bird strike and landed in the Hudson River:

Here’s a wacky video of a very aggressive goose relentlessly attacking a man and his dog in a boat:

This is important stuff! I hope you watch every single video and read every word!


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