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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s Play TAG! (Thanksgiving – Appreciation – Gratitude)

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No matter what your life is like, it’s always worth taking time to appreciate Thanksgiving. What a worthy holiday! What a great thing to celebrate! Being thankful and feeling a heartfelt dose of gratitude always reaps benefits for everyone involved.

Gratitude is like a lubricant; it allows life to work with ease. Life flows freely when a steady dose of gratitude greases the wheels. Doors open and great things show up!

Regular application of gratitude makes life work like a well-oiled machine, albeit a machine with heart. It can silence a squeaky wheel and help you glide over rough edges.

The more one lives with gratitude and grace, the more one’s life hums along in a smooth, fluid fashion. Gratitude can clear out the cobwebs and cut through confusion. It can give you instant clarity. It can quell conflict instantly.

Gratitude makes it easier to give, receive and release. It makes it easier to get what you want, and it also changes what you want. It works in social situations just as well as in political or personal dialogue. It opens the door to forgiveness.

Some people have chronic illness. Imagine if such a person started practicing chronic gratitude. It wouldn’t take long for patterns of chronic upset, irritation and anger to fall away, and then the path is clear for any kind of illness to also fade away. Gratitude allows a flow of “ease,” and the degree of this flow corresponds inversely, and precisely, to one’s degree of “dis-ease.”

Thanksgiving is the first step in a progression of ascendancy toward peace. It looks something like this:


Thanksgiving opens the gate to gratitude and grace, a path to peace.

An attitude of gratitude creates harmony. What better way to resolve and dissolve internal or external conflict?

Gratitude also creates happiness. What is happiness anyway? It’s a generous flow of joy and gratitude, be it momentary or constant, that makes you feel good. If someone wants to be happy, all they need to do is find a way to be overflowing with gratitude. Contribute to another. Give, then give thanks.

Every day can be Thanksgiving Day, in a way. Why not? If we choose, we all get to play TAG and, like most kids playing tag, we get to be happy!



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